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Introducing our Unique ¼" Poppet Type Valve for Powder Coating Machines
Introducing our Unique ¼” Poppet Type Valve for Powder Coating Machines

Are you tired of dealing with service problems caused by powder contamination in your powder coating machines? Are bulky valves taking up valuable space and hindering your operations? We have the perfect solution for you!

Our newly designed ¼” poppet type valve is here to revolutionize your powder coating process. Let’s explore the advantages of this innovative valve:

  1. Say goodbye to direct contact issues: Unlike the commonly used 2/2 direct-acting valves, our poppet type valve eliminates the problem of the line being in direct contact with the jet/armature assembly. This design feature ensures that your valve operates smoothly and without any complications.
  2. Powder contamination solved: In powder coating, the air from the valve directly enters the powder container. With direct-acting valves, there is a risk of powder traveling back into the valve and causing service problems over time. Our ¼” poppet type valve prevents powder from reaching critical parts, thus minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring trouble-free operation.
  3. Versatility at its best: Our compact poppet valve offers flexibility with both internal and external pilot connections. With an internal pilot, it can handle pressures up to 10 bar, while an external pilot allows it to be used with up to 20 bar line pressure. This adaptability ensures that our valve can seamlessly integrate into your existing powder coating setup.
  4. Powder flow without restrictions: With an orifice size of 6 mm, our valve guarantees excellent flow and eliminates any unnecessary restrictions. Experience smooth powder distribution and enhanced coating quality with our precisely engineered design.
  5. Compactness and availability: Our valve’s compact design enables the use of the latest armatures, commonly found in pneumatics. Additionally, it is compatible with readily available 22mm injection molded coils, known for generating less heat.in an emergency , these coils can even be easily procured from various pneumatics brands across India, ensuring convenience and lower cost of service

Upgrade your powder coating machines with our ¼” poppet type valve and unlock a world of advantages. Enjoy reliable operation, minimized service issues, and improved coating quality. Embrace the efficiency of our compact design and experience hassle-free powder distribution like never before. Don’t let outdated valves hold you back; step into the future of powder coating technology with our innovative solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our ¼” poppet type valve and how it can transform your powder coating process. Stay ahead of the competition and achieve exceptional results with our latest valve technology.