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Air Boosters

Mercury’s Air Booster is an indigenous product designed to be a Compact, Portable, Efficient and low cost solution for boosting shop compressed Air Pressure by  2, 2.6 or 10times.

Some typical applications requiring such air boosters are listed below :-

  • Cyclic pressure / life testing of Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Hoses etc.
  • Burst Strength Testing of pressurized vessels
  • Seat leakage test of Control Valves.
  • Operation of pneumatic cylinders, clamps etc. for applications where limited quantity of high pressure air is required.
  • Portable source of compressed air at pressure higher than plant pressure.
  • ‘PET’ blow moulding machines.
  • Bag filter blowing.

The advantages of these Air Booster are :-

  • Compact, light weight & portable.
  • Efficient use of plant compressed air
  • Automatically compensates for leakages
  • Can be used in explosive environments
  • Easy servicing
  • Cost saving as it eliminates requirement of a high pressure compressor
  • Automatic and adjustable lubricator through Mercury’s unique “Autolube Pump”