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Invitation to visit us at Automation Expo 2023 - Mumbai ( 23rd to 26th August 2023)
Invitation to visit us at Automation Expo 2023 – Mumbai ( 23rd to 26th August 2023)

Mercury Pneumatics cordially invites you to visit our exhibit at the upcoming Automation Expo 2023.
This premier event is scheduled to take place from 23rd to 26th August at the renowned Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (E).

At Mercury Pneumatics, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the automation industry. This year, we are excited to showcase a wide array of products and applications that exemplify the cutting-edge technology and precision engineering that we are renowned for.

Among the products and solutions we will be featuring are:

  1. Pneumatic Valves, Cylinders, and Accessories: Discover our latest advancements in pneumatic components designed to optimize your automation processes.
  2. Self Reciprocating Cylinders: Explore our innovative self-reciprocating cylinders that redefine efficiency and reliability.
  3. Autolube Systems: Learn about our advanced autolube systems that ensure optimal lubrication, enhancing the lifespan of your machinery.
  4. Hydro Pneumatic Presses and Pumps: Witness the power and flexibility of our hydro pneumatic presses and pumps, designed for unmatched performance.
  5. Air Boosters: Experience the difference with our air boosters that provide consistent and high-pressure air supply for your needs.
  6. Grease Dispensing Pumps: See our grease dispensing pumps in action, offering precise and efficient lubrication solutions.
  7. Hydro Pneumatic Clamping Systems: Learn about our state-of-the-art clamping systems that enhance the safety and productivity of your operations.

And many more groundbreaking products and solutions that can revolutionize your automation processes.
Our team of experts will be on hand to provide in-depth insights into the features and benefits of our products. This is a unique opportunity to engage with our knowledgeable professionals, ask questions, and explore how Mercury Pneumatics can help you stay at the forefront of automation technology.

Please save the date, and make your way to our booth at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (E), from 23rd to 26th August.

If you have any questions or need additional information before the event, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at contactus@mercuryindia.net