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Air Boosters

Mercury’s Air Booster is an indigenous product designed to be a Compact, Portable, Efficient and low cost solution for boosting shop compressed Air Pressure by  2, 2.6 or 10times.

Some typical applications requiring such air boosters are listed below :-

Cyclic pressure / life testing of Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches, Hoses etc.
Burst Strength Testing of pressurized vessels

Seat leakage test of Control Valves.
Operation of pneumatic cylinders, clamps etc. for applications where limited quantity of high pressure air is required.

Portable source of compressed air at pressure higher than plant pressure.
‘PET’ blow moulding machines.
Bag filter blowing.

The advantages of these Air Booster are :-

Compact, light weight & portable.
Efficient use of plant compressed air
Automatically compensates for leakages
Can be used in explosive environments
Easy servicing
Cost saving as it eliminates requirement of a high pressure compressor
Automatic and adjustable lubricator through Mercury’s unique “Autolube Pump”